Current Projects

(with various partners)

... can be found at my lab web page.


(with Anthony Roskilly, Patrick Olivier, BRE Scotland, OVE Arup & Partners Ltd, Philips Research Laboratories, Siemens IT Solutions and Services Ltd.)

... was a three-year EPSRC-funded research project and involves the design and development of a sensing infrastructure that consists of networked physical (e.g. presence sensors, power consumption sensors) and virtual sensors (e.g. calendar and room booking sensors, application usage sensors) that will provide fine-grained information about how much energy is being used, for what purpose and by whom. By applying techniques from knowledge engineering, activity recognition and machine learning the project involves the use of high level information in order to link usage patterns to real-world activities and workflows. (more info)


(with Patrick Olivier, Paula Moynihan, Martin Dade-Robertson; Philips Research)

... is a four-year EU-funded project looking into how to help people to live a more balanced lifestyle. The aim of the project is to understand how people cook (or don't cook) and whether facilitating the cooking task can encourage them to live more healthily. One of the challenges we're particularly interested in is how to sense what is happening in the kitchen without interfering with regular activities and with as few sensors as possible. (more info...)


(with Phil Blythe, Patrick Olivier and a number of partners across Europe)

... was a three-year EU-funded project looking into how to make the evacuation of tunnels and transport hubs such as metro stations safer. (more info)

CIP 7 Stories

(with Areti Galani and the 7 Stories museum)

... was a ONE-sponsored project investigating ways to create engaging interactive experiences for children in the 7 Stories museum dedicated to children's books.

CIP ADL Smartcare

(with ADL Smartcare Ltd.)

... was a ONE-sponsored project, where we look into ways to empower people in need of assistive technology to self-assess their needs. One issue we're particularly interested in is how to simplify the process of measuring the locations, where an assistive devices such as a stairlift would be deployed.

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