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MSc and PhD topics

I am always looking for students wanting to do a MSc or a PhD under my supervision. My research page should give you a good idea about my expertise and interests; we also maintain a list of open topics at the lab. If there is anything on that page that you find interesting, drop me a line and we can have a chat.

Useful links

Here are a number of links that point to some pages providing information about how to read and write research papers.

The second link only talks about reading a physical piece of paper. There are of course many more sites talking about how to do research etc. - this site has a large list of links in this area.

Of course you can apply the system suggested by the author to PDFs and annotation software as well. In fact, regardless of whether you print out papers or read them on the screen, I would strongly recommend to keep a list on your computer. I use BibDesk and Skim for this purpose.

There are three sites that I recommend for searching for academic papers:

There are quite a few other sites, which you may also find helpful. Here are a few more examples that others have recommended in the past:

Besides the Library, there are also electronic libraries you can access online (at least from the Campus Network):

Not really teaching related but ...

... worthwhile watching nevertheless (e.g. when you hit the why-o-why question or are in the midst of writing up):

If you got any suggestions for expanding this list, I'd be very grateful if you could drop me a line.